Plant Biology


The Plant Biology courses in Montpellier's Biology-Agrosciences Master's program provide students with solid scientific knowledge in the fields of genetics and genomics, cellular and molecular biology, and plant integrative biology (development, nutrition and metabolism, ecophysiology, interactions with microorganisms, etc.), as well as the tools required for a scientific approach (statistics, bioinformatics, critical analysis, project management, etc.). The curriculum is divided into 4 Plant Biology courses, giving students the opportunity, thanks to specific modules and laboratory internships, to delve deeper into the fundamental approaches of their choice, plant adaptation to the agro-environment, plant-microorganism interactions, biotechnologies and plant improvement, or the design of plant experiments for applied research.

New sequencing technologies have revolutionized our understanding of the structure, diversity and functioning of plant genomes and epigenomes. Exploiting this new knowledge requires the development of integrative approaches to plant biology, based on detailed knowledge of plant physiology in its environment, manipulation of massive data ("big data") and understanding of interactions between components (systems biology) on scales ranging from the genome to the eco- or agrosystem, via the phenotype. The study of the functional integration of gene expression, diversity and physiological functions, based on the characterization of the mechanisms at work in individuals, is the challenge to be met in the fields of fundamental analysis and plant improvement and protection. The plant biology courses in the Biology and Agrosciences Master's program aim to provide students with the tools they need to meet this challenge.

The 4 plant biology paths

A series of modules shared by the 4 courses train students in the various concepts and methodologies of plant biology. In each pathway, specialized modules and the choice of internship sites enable students to orient themselves towards the disciplinary field of their choice.