plants & microbes (idil program)

The Plant and Microbiological Sciences for the Agro-Environment track of Master degree " Biologie, Agrosciences " is proposed in the framework of the IDIL Graduate program. Accordingly, it promotes:

  • learning through research
  • interdisciplinarity
  • learning in English

The IDIL master's degree "Plant and Microbiological Sciences for the Agro-Environment", short title Plants & Microbes offers the opportunity of a high-level training through research in plant sciences and microbiology. The training includes studying plants and/or microorganisms at molecular and cellular scales, and at the scale of the organism in interaction with its agro-environment.

The student will design an individual training project consistent with the research internship project he/she will choose after the introductory week ("Summer School").

Each student will be accompanied by a research mentor, responsible for the internship, and an academic supervisor to help customizing his/her personalized program in plant sciences and microbiology.

The program is supported by a network of laboratories that is unique in the world, carrying out research on a large number of themes in the areas of plant sciences, microbiology and biotic interactions in the agro-environment, with fundamental or applied objectives.

A strong background in molecular & cellular biology and in genetics at Bachelor level is required. Additionally, good knowledge in either plant physiology or microbiology, depending on the personal project of the student within the Plants & Microbes education track, is also required. Knowledge in bioinformatics is appreciated. Fluency in scientific English is required. Autonomy and teamwork skills are necessary to follow this course.

The student who graduates from this Master's program will have acquired specialized skills in a research topic related to plant sciences, microorganisms or their interactions in the agro-environment, leading to the management of fundamental research or applied research and development projects.


Partner Laboratories

Plant Sciences:

  • AGAP Institute (Institute - Genetic Improvement and Adaptation of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants)
  • DIADE (Plant Diversity, Adaptation and Development)
  • IPSiM (Institute for Plant Sciences of Montpellier)
  • LEPSE (Laboratory of Ecophysiology of Plants under Environmental Stresses)
  • PHIM (Plant Health Institute of Montpellier)


  • DGIMI (Diversity, Genomes, Microorganism-Insect Interactions)
  • IHPE (Host-Pathogen Interactions and Environments)
  • QUALISUD (Integrated approach to quality food production)